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We care deeply about the environment and believe in sustainability

That’s why we only use CCNB materials for all our packaging. It’s a non-bleached recycled paperboard, completely safe and 100% recyclable.

OZLOO packaging range


We’d love to package our products in compostable or biodegradable bottles, and we’ve gone to great lengths to consider every option.

For humans, animals, and nature to exist in harmony, finding the right balance is fundamental. At OZLOO, we believe we need to return what we take from Mother Nature.

In line with utilizing recyclable plastic, we fervently encourage our customers to reuse or recycle their empty bottles, as most recycling centres will accept this type of plastic. We also encourage those unable to recycle to check with local homeless centres, clinics, veterinarians, or animal shelters, to see if they accept used supplement bottles, as many of them do.

The truth is...

The current compostable “plant-based plastic” is not strong enough to protect our chewable spheres from air and moisture. We currently use recyclable plastic (2 HDPE), and we’re actively seeking alternative options that promote the most effective sustainability practices while offering our probiotics the best protection available.

OZLOO multi Immunity

Product Range

OZLOO Large Digestive Health supplements

OZLOO Digestive Health

Vet formulated chewable sphere containing a high quality double-strain probiotic combination plus prebiotic with vitamins to help maintain proper gut flora, thereby supporting a healthy gut, intestinal health, normal flatulence, & a healthy immune system.


OZLOO Multi-Immunity

Vet formulated chewable containing a high quality multi-strain probiotic combination, specially enhanced with an advanced immunity formula containing Beta-glucan and natural dietary fibre together with added proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and polyphenols.

OZLOO Hip & Joint Support

Vet formulated Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM based dog chews to help ease hip, joint and muscle stiffness and supports a healthy inflammatory response with natural ingredients. This specially enhanced formula also contains Undenatured type II collagen (UC-II®) and Enzalox™ for additional pain reduction & anti – inflammatory benefits.