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Founder, Andrew Scorey, used his extensive industry knowledge and experience to create a product designed especially to make dogs healthy and happy.

“I’ve grown up having dogs my whole life, which led to the beginning of this journey. They became more than just pets… they were an integral part of the family. One would do whatever one could to keep them safe and healthy.”

– Andrew Scorey,

OZLOO founder

Andrew And Dogs

Personal Background

Andrew Scorey spent thirty years travelling the world and working for large organizations. However, it became time to follow his passion. Having worked in healthcare and infant nutrition all his life, he has always been impressed by the compelling scientific evidence linked to the health benefits of probiotics.

OZLOO is Andrew’s way of achieving this dream by working alongside veterinary doctors and pet nutritionists, and caring for animals.

OZLOO: Origin Of The Name

“OZLOO was the name of my first dog, a boxer. We all have that first pet we remember with never-to-be-forgotten delight. OZLOO was that for me ….my very first best friend. What better way to remember him than by naming a product specifically for dogs after him? Having a photo of my first boxer on the product allows his memory to live on. Plus there’s no better way to do this than by helping other dogs stay healthy.”

– Andrew Scorey,

OZLOO founder

Andrew And Ozloo

When Inspiration Hit

“Our much-loved French Bulldog puppy was suffering from life-threatening gastro-intestinal issues, and his suffering was hugely stressful for us all. Our family vet prescribed probiotics, which immediately had a positive response and thankfully restored him to his normal bouncy self. Focusing on health every day as well and being surrounded by three dogs, gave me the idea for OZLOO and the kick- start I needed.

I designed OZLOO by staying away from the “One size fits all” idea. It was very obvious that my two French bulldogs and Great Dane had completely different nutritional and developmental needs. You can’t expect a small dog and such a large dog to have the same requirements to stay healthy. These dogs need different product benefits created specifically for their size. I have embarked on a mission to spread awareness about probiotics and science in dogs, and OZLOO is my weapon for success. Now I am living my dream by developing a range of veterinarian formulated petcare supplements for all kinds of dogs. From German shepherds to French bulldogs, from Yorkshire terriers to Great Danes, I want the best health for all. Because a healthy dog is a happy dog! ”

– Andrew Scorey,

OZLOO founder

Product Range

OZLOO Large Digestive Health supplements

OZLOO Digestive Health

Vet formulated chewable sphere containing a high quality double-strain probiotic combination plus prebiotic with vitamins to help maintain proper gut flora, thereby supporting a healthy gut, intestinal health, normal flatulence, & a healthy immune system.


OZLOO Multi-Immunity

Vet formulated chewable containing a high quality multi-strain probiotic combination, specially enhanced with an advanced immunity formula containing Beta-glucan and natural dietary fibre together with added proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and polyphenols.

OZLOO Hip & Joint Support

Vet formulated Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM based dog chews to help ease hip, joint and muscle stiffness and supports a healthy inflammatory response with natural ingredients. This specially enhanced formula also contains Undenatured type II collagen (UC-II®) and Enzalox™ for additional pain reduction & anti – inflammatory benefits.