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“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde

OZLOO donates a percentage of the proceeds from our online sales to Patriot PAWS Service Dogs to support the incredibly compelling mission of this growing non-profit organization.

patriot paws

Patriot PAWS

The mission of Patriot PAWS is to train and provide service dogs of the highest quality to disabled American Veterans and at no cost. They also provide service dogs to others with mobile disabilities in order to help restore physical and emotional independence. Patriot PAWS builds partnerships with local, state, and national organizations to develop and support this goal.

Our founder, Andrew Scorey states, “When we started OZLOO we set out with the mission to make dogs healthier and happier. My love and caring for animals was instrumental in getting this dream off the ground but we also had a bigger vision of giving something back and what better way to do this by serving our heroes.”

It costs approximately $35,000 to fully train and certify a Patriot PAWS Service Dog, and this is entirely supported by donations. Dogs are carefully selected from breeders and shelters and undergo temperament assessments before being accepted into the training program. Each dog begins training at the main campus and rotates throughout the different training programs for the 18 to 24 months, with the goal of eventually being paired to help with the personal needs of its future Veteran. Patriot PAWS is having a huge impact on individuals, communities, and the service dog industry. Their success rate for all placed service dogs is 60% far surpassing the industry average of 40%.​

“We look so forward to working with Patriot Paws to help them serve those who have served!” says Andrew.

You can learn more about Patriot PAWS and how you can help at www.patriotpaws.org

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